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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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The Secret Service in the United States does more than throw themselves in front of the President to take a bullet on his behalf. It is true that bodyguards are trained to give up their life in order to save the President, Vice-President and their families, but that is the last line of defense. Bodyguards are trained in logistics, critical thinking, self-defense, linguistics, investigations and a lot more that qualifies them to operate in a variety of fields pertaining to national and international security. Must be a U.S. For detailed educational requirements for the Secret Service, please review the resource section at the end of this article. Private sector bodyguards are paid a lot more depending on the client and the type of assignment. Private bodyguards are typically sent out by agencies who have fully vetted their personnel. The vast majority are either expert former military, special forces or individuals that met most, if not all, the requirements expected by the Secret Service. Female bodyguards must meet the same level of skills and qualifications as their male counterparts and often are the only ones allowed to provide protection to wives or daughters of dignitaries and foreign businessmen or royalty.

Other words to describe private bodyguards include: Mercenaries, contractors, and private security. Other bodyguard positions fall in the freelance category: These individuals may have recommendations from previous clients but won't be backed by a government or a private security company. Their positions are typically temporary and they negotiate their own salaries. Freelance bodyguards must be proficient in self-defense and weaponry and be able to demonstrate their skills because they have to sell and promote themselves with each potential client. Most, if not all, are former military or have received law enforcement training. There are many schools online that promote bodyguard training and interested individuals should ascertain the validity of the school and offered credentials. Get a Bachelor's Degree in law enforcement and achieve a 3.5 GPA. Get training and certification in self-defense and/or martial arts and tactical military training. Be proficient in the use of weapons. Speak a foreign language proficiently if expecting to be hired by foreign employers.

Maintain optimal physical fitness at all times. Learn to be diplomatic. It is a fantasy to attempt to emulate the likes of Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone in their most epic and violent movies. The requirements of the position involve methodical assessments of situations, avoiding and planning to avoid potentially dangerous situations for clients, and most of all, having a calm personality. Violent tendencies and knee jerk reactions to provocations make for a very dangerous, and unemployable, bodyguard. Separate fantasy from reality by taking a questionnaire and doing some self assessment before embarking in what can potentially be, the adventure of a lifetime. Are you proficient in the use of firearms? Are you willing to work in unpleasant conditions? Are you willing to forgo a personal life? Are you willing to live in a foreign country for months or years at a time? Are you capable of remaining unobtrusive and silent during your employment? Are you capable or willing to learn and utilize defensive driving at high speeds and keep passengers safe? Can you handle being bored and lonely for months on end? Are you willing to be on duty 24/7? Are you willing to die for your employer?

Try to ensure that no air is left in either of the bags. Finally, tie the end of the bag to keep the newspaper in place and to stop air getting in. Also the freezer bag stops the paper from staining the inside of your shoes once you have placed the shoe trees inside your shoes. You will find that small to medium size freezer bags will be sufficient. Freezer bags can help to keep the paper from losing its shape. If you have large boots then you might need to use a medium or large freezer bags, but for most shoes, small freezer bags will do. Ziploc bags are no good for this project, as you cannot easily tie the end of them into a knot. The cost of making these shoes trees are cheap. Many of us already have the material in our cupboards and you don't need to go out and purchase them. Freezer bags are not very expensive to purchase and you can get them in the grocery store and in many discount stores. Making these shoe trees is as very simple. You do not need a lot of time or materials. You can have them made in minutes. They don't look very attractive. They do not last indefinitely. Sometime in the future you might need to remake them if the paper starts to lose its shape. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

President Obama's "Moms Return to School Grant" is such a great opportunity to continue your education. The president has asked every American to consider getting more education so that the United States can remain competitive on the world stage. In fact, his goal is for the U.S. 2020 than any other country in the world. To do that, he has implemented a wide range of financial aid programs which help mothers return to school. 1300 can go a long way toward paying for tuition, household expenses or day care. He is also restructuring how student loans. Instead of letting banks handle the Stafford Student loans and charging high fees, he has insisted that all lending come from a government agency which does not seek to make a profit. The president has also encouraged colleges themselves to take a look at how they are pricing their programs. It's no secret that the price of tuition has far outpaced the rate of inflation for some time now. Obama's challenge has resulted in some concrete changes too. For instance, at Arizona State University, the new "Obama Scholarships" offer tuition, room, board, and other expense money to 2000 students. If you are a mother who wants to return to school, the timing has never been better. The changes the President has made to the funding situation is a great opportunity to help many moms to make their lives better.

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