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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Jan Van Galenstraat 139
Nijmegen, GE 6512 Hk

Every school had one, as does every group of friends. Even every family has one. The class joker has always been one of our favourite people to be around, slightly irritating at times perhaps, but that is what makes them all the more entertaining. A class joker can come in many different forms, all equally as hilarious as the next, but all with their own individual style. Some class jokers are over the top and like to crack jokes all the time. They like to make a witty comment after pretty much anything that is done or said. More often than not, the class joker will say something that other people were only thinking, but only they had the cheek to say it out loud. The other common type of class joker is the hands on type. Practical jokes are extremely childish, but devilishly funny at the same time. The thing about practical jokes is that they are funnier when they happen to other people and they always carry the fear that you may be the next victim. When it comes to thinking up a gift idea for the joker of the pack it can be really difficult. This type of person is usually one step ahead, so trying to come up with a gift that will truly fox them can be tricky. With this in mind, that is why a fake newspaper can make a great present, as they can be tailored towards them and mock them in any way you want. At UR In the paper, we have a vast amount of fake newspaper titles to choose from which are great for someone who is a bit of a clown. From them talking out of their backside to being banned from the country, now is the time to turn the tables and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Does your leadership team have a blog? Whens the last time you rewarded creative achievements in your organization? Whether its internal or external communications, use the technology and the resources you have – and try something new. Take calculated risks. Encourage creativity. Remember, status quo requires no leadership. Cultivate a farm team. Theres always someone waiting in the wings in politics – sometimes more publicly than others. But from the general publics perspective, it does not often look like political parties cultivate their future leaders very well. There probably is a strategy behind who runs when and which candidate ultimately ends up in the race, but thats not always very clear. To be most successful in business, you need to actively cultivate your future leaders. Organizational leadership development often means going to a seminar or two and waiting your turn. Taking that approach does not prepare your organization for long-term success.

Have a succession plan and intentionally prepare for your companys future. Communicate the succession plan. Focus competition in the right place. The political in-fighting is really gearing up right now. And when the primary season is in full swing Democrats will be laying into other Democrats while Republicans try to pummel the other Republicans. Of course its important for voters to hear the differences in each of the candidates. And of course winning the primaries is the only major-party ticket into the general election. Even so, all the time spent bashing the people within the party detracts from the overall goal of bringing the candidates party into office. Its similar to when the sales people cant get along with the marketing people or the customer service reps think the shipping department people cant find their way home. Competition is healthy when its focused on achieving organizational or departmental goals rather than sub optimizing for the good of a group or department. Imagine the bottom line implications of everyone working together to achieve organizational goals; instead of trying to one-up other departments or individuals to achieve strictly personal or team success. Presidential politics isnt business, but these very public events can offer opportunities to learn and apply lessons to benefit your organization. As you watch and read over the next few months, think about more than just the sound bites. Think about the sound business principles you can emulate – or avoid – for the benefit of you and your organization.

It is a common belief of many people that politics and friendship cannot always go together. Just as making new friends can be a tricky business, mixing politics and friendship together can equally be tricky. During our first meeting with a potential friend, we know that talking about politics is a no-no. Small talks are safe so long as we stick away from politics. Other taboo topics include religion and sexuality. These topics can spark passionate debate which can apparently result to heated arguments if both sides cannot reconcile their views. All said, politics as a topic during initial stages of friendship could almost certainly bust a blooming friendship too soon. Is this always the case? Is it always advisable that we should not engage into topics of politics with someone we just met? Or is it okay to bring up politics with the person you are planning to develop a good friendship and romance in the future? Can friendship develop between you and another person if you hate his or her political views? On the other hand, is it always necessary to have the same political views to attain full friendship?

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